A Super Pink Fall Wish list ♡ ♡

Hi My loves! As a beginner blogger, I’m totally struggling the last few months with the concept of regularly posting, and also even having a sense of direction with the content I plan on putting out there. Not to mention doing summer classes, after our spring exams, working full time, personal/life drama, and now the long awaited fall start of a new school year..whoohoo ( lol that was sarcasm if you couldn’t tell ) (; I feel like in this season even though ALL of us freak over the fall aesthetics, home décor, fashion week, new makeup trends mostly dark colors, the basic “pumpkin spice latte” hehe and all the glory of haunted houses, festivals, sweater weather, we stress. we stress when we reflect of the previous years goals vs actual accomplishments, we compare our summers to vacating friends and family, financial as well as academic progresses become evident, so in a time when there’s so much to take in, it’s important to just step back mentally sometimes and have a moment to reflect on how you will take care of or spoil yourself as a lady. Above I listed a few of my current cravings that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on lately.

Girly – Vintage Home Inspo

rose colored glasses

Hi my loves, I’m kind of distressed that i’m absent on my own blogging space, however I am just a beginner and working on new ideas & content worth while to present to any current/future readers. I’ve also been distracted with exams, work & everyday struggles. Till then I will share with you a few pics from my pinterest ( pics aren’t mine ) of girly, vintage-ish, shabby, gorgeous home décor.   I WARN YOU OF PINK OVERLOAD. Also this is just one side of my preferences when it come to décor I also love a fresh, minimal look, or a luxurious high end themes space. Share with me your preferences, social media’s pics and anything else.  xo-
Some links for Fab shabby chic home sites:


Girly Series N ֯1

Current Fave Tv Series / Obsession- Say Yes To The Dress. I’m sure this is not new to many of you who keep up or watch westernised television, but this super girly series is  a MUST on the list of anyone who loves, weddings, beautiful dresses, and obviously SHOPPING for all three of those things. I was quickly consumed into the deliciously escalating seasons of this series season after season, but can you blame a girl….I as a single lady kind of ( not creepily of course ) live these experiences through the brides to be or so it feels, from watching them go through dress after dress to find the perfect one, to planning for their best day & the moment all eyes set on them, to gushing about their most “wonderful man I’ve ever met” hubby. So what’s not to love, the store filled with jaw dropping dresses, dreamy decor, or the way you get inspired to plan & shop for your perfect day when it comes. Below are pics from the show & of the store kleinfeld.


Vintage Feels x Faves


Current favourite Drug store makeup Items & Cute little Journal ♥


  • Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour Kit – Medium to Deep
  • Milani colour  statement lipstick – uptown mauve
  • Milani colour statement lipstick –  Cinnamon spice

Starting off the weekend right?

sat night

So as much as we all love going out and having a blast on Friday nights and starting off the weekend “right” some days you just can’t be bothered, specially if you had a long day of work, school, or running errands. Sometimes you just sip on a frozen or piping caffeinated drink, sit in your jammies, and Jam out while scrolling for discounted or affordable designer, watching your fave you-tubers haul Chanel, missguided, sheinside, whatever you’re into …. if you guys use pinterest, tumblr, instagram but haven’t made an account on weheartit.com or even scrolled through it yet..you’re MISSING out. literally all my inspo boards I post are from my account there babes, it will literally take glam, fashion, aesthetics whatever you like into a new level. *whispers* i prefer it over tumblr & pinterest & i use all three 😉

sat night 1

sat night 2
Check out my board for possible glam or girly Inspo, The site is amazing♥♥
– xo




Re-Newed obsession

So I’ve recently found myself under a lot of distress, as a youngster trying to pursue a new field in school, moving across the country, and having quite a few severed relationships. Though I count myself as a self-driven person ( other than support from god obviii 😉 ) I found these huge new changes pushing me to work harder and polish up my “slay”. It was scary leaving my mediocre college program which would’ve been easier to get through for something in the field of medicine, it was scary choosing solitude over disrespect, working in a new city to get that CHA CHING for my bills and bling haha, I mean really just because you have a lot on your plate doesn’t mean you can’t dress to kill or stress while looking your best. These changes kept me busy, grinding, and sometimes barely scrapping by, HOWEVER they push me closer to my previous passions of arts, fashion, trying to get money [ not to sound money crazy but when you’re young and not quite established…you want to be well..established financially, spiritually, all that ] Soooo I’ve gone back to drawing, sketching on my own, I’ve been using famous & non-famous fashion illustrators as my inspirations. Some are Below:

Megan Hess 

Beautiful Hearts


” A little reminder for those of us struggling to grind and remain positive despite all the NO ‘ s we’ve gotten, and all the illogically opinionated negative people around us trying to keep us down… A Challenge to us to keep our hearts beautiful & forgive our mistakes/shortcomings. The Quote says beautiful hearts in the ever beautiful language of French.
ps. Who can, loves to, or has read in another language?. I can fluently in Arabic, then a little in French, Japanese, & Korean”

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