Re-Newed obsession

So I’ve recently found myself under a lot of distress, as a youngster trying to pursue a new field in school, moving across the country, and having quite a few severed relationships. Though I count myself as a self-driven person ( other than support from god obviii 😉 ) I found these huge new changes pushing me to work harder and polish up my “slay”. It was scary leaving my mediocre college program which would’ve been easier to get through for something in the field of medicine, it was scary choosing solitude over disrespect, working in a new city to get that CHA CHING for my bills and bling haha, I mean really just because you have a lot on your plate doesn’t mean you can’t dress to kill or stress while looking your best. These changes kept me busy, grinding, and sometimes barely scrapping by, HOWEVER they push me closer to my previous passions of arts, fashion, trying to get money [ not to sound money crazy but when you’re young and not quite established…you want to be well..established financially, spiritually, all that ] Soooo I’ve gone back to drawing, sketching on my own, I’ve been using famous & non-famous fashion illustrators as my inspirations. Some are Below:

Megan Hess 


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