Maybelline For Matte’s



The first set of hidden gems as I called them when I first came across them are the Maybelline Colour Blur Cream Matte Pencil... & OH MY GOD !! Literally can not even put into words how much I became obsessed with these products! First of all can we talk about that price though? These babies are like $10 max at your local Walmart in Canada at least, not sure about Walgreen, or other places else where. Quick sum of this product, absolutely amazing creamy feel on lips, the actual appearance of the product though is MATTE (: & the pigmentation is Bomb !!! My favourite shade from the collection is "Plum please" (; haha my idea of a downfall in this collection is that there aren't enough of these gorgeous shades, just nudes, pinks, reds, and plums. Hands down favourites after the nyx creamy mattes.

The second Maybelline "Matte" product I came across this month were the Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks, at first glance of these babies the nudes, and the deep or vibrant purples i was captured and my heart was DONE. Love love love the idea of them trying to put out a matte liquid lipstick,  the price is great, also around $10, loveeeee the darker shades, specially the "Possessed plum" the almost black looking purple, the pigmentation is good in some shades, others like the shade possessed plum you might have to pack on, the colour is amazing, totally affordable & beautiful dark lip (: Only downfall is that they don't actually dry to a matte finish, and as a die hard matte lips fan i was a little disappointed when i waited and it would not set, BUT the colour/pigment was great for that price, awesome to be exact, my lips we moist & not dried out, and they smell good so that's a plus. 

dream a dream

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