A Journey To Balance


A brilliant novelist once said, "When you say 'yes' to others, make sure you're not saying 'no' to yourself." This quote really touched me, as am sure it did many others as well. We all go through those seemingly, or sometimes truly harsh moments, where it feels as though life is kicking us down, even though we've been "good". The very big lesson I learned this past year or so was that it's not just about how nice you are to others (sometimes plain naive/door mat sorry for harsh words), or who you were there for, or what help/shoulder/other act of kindness you offered, but rather the stand you take for yourself, own dignity, and mental/emotional stability when life tests you. I truly believe life is fair, and that we don't go through things unless they improve us or add to us c:
I do strongly believe that life tests us, challenges us, sometimes kicks us, 
to see if we will and are determined to stand up for ourselves, if we dare to set those sometimes difficult standards for who/what we accept and expect in our lives, and the vise versa. If you dare to embrace your flaws as the very assets that make you a one of a kind, breath taking individual. If you put the comfort of others over your own in a situation where you are getting the short hand, you will be proving to your own self that you have less value, believing your value is low will lead to distorted self - image, and love trust me! There is no success or happiness with a shattered, and tainted self-image. so please, although you pick your battles wisely, let no one devalue/disrespect you. When you help and love yourself, you can do the same for the world ♥

cheers - xo

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