Current Favourite Lipticks

High end + Drug store

Favourite High end  lipsticks:

  1. Kat Don D Studded lipstick – Homegirl
  2. Anastasia Beverley Hills Liquid Lipstick – Vamp
  3. MAC Matte lip collection – Heroine

Favourite Drug store lipsticks:

  1. Milani colour statement moisture Matte – Matte confident
  2. Milani colour statement moisture Matte – Matte glam
  3. Nyx soft matte lip cream – Monte carlo
  4. Nyx lip liner – Maroon
  5. Maybelline Matte lipstick- Touch of spice
What are some of your favourites, or any brands/shades you’d love to suggest me? i Love matts btw
{{ Btw being in Canada and not having access to some of the things you may find in Ulta or other such drug stores, I’m totally glad I have access to Milani products ( at your local walmart ) & Nyx products as well. }} Currently trying to order L.A girl matte pigment gloss, will see how it goes >< Fingers crossed.
Just some of my current favourites, Although I’m loyal to my darker plump shades, and brown/deeper lip liners, I occasionally invest in Reds, Nudes, since they are classics. It’s like having a closet without the “little black dress” 😉 Just doesn’t feel natural. lol !
be happy



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