In this short post I will share a little of my maddening obsession over all things matte, specifically beauty products ❤️‍ I can not dive into it in enough detail , given school with all its assignments, labs, and work (bleh ) hehe 🙂 . However I will quickly share my current monthly/seasonal matte obsession. I’m sure, we’ve all heard that NYX came out with their lingerie liquid lippies, consisting of neutrals, mauves, and dark colours each colour getting more addictive and hard to over look than the other. And Essie with their matte cashmere collection among many of their continuous Jaw-dropping colours. These are just some of my favourites, I look forward to exploring more of neutrals, and mattes when it comes to make-up. Anyone with any awesome suggestions of their own, feel free to fill a sister in 😉