I know the concept of having role models, or people that are our success ideals in certain areas of our lives, or sometimes our life as a whole is not new. So here is one of mine, a young social media queen. You may or may not have seen her pics all over instagram, twitter, tumblr etc. what i respect about her is not actually what most people drool over (her body & appearance), but more so her drive to get not just what she wants for herself, but what she perceives as the things that will bring her contentment and happiness. They may not be things everyone agrees with, i know i don’t with most of them, but how certain she is about her vision and mission of where she wants to be/go in life, and who she wants to present herself as, are DEFINITE jaw-droppers for me. Mind you this young girl is imperfect like all of us, but her drive and how strong she is with who she presents herself as to the world, and obviously taste for GLAM are what draw me to and make me take a tip or two from people like her.

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