Fave Affordable/Higher End Lippies



Like many others out there, I am a lipstick junkie…YASS I admit with no shame. hehe c: as many of us knew this year, and the last few years liquid lipsticks became on of the best things that happened to the make-up/beauty industry ! Along with of course, contouring & highlighting, or strobbing for some, of course none of us can forget about hair, nails and groomed brows! It’s all a beautiful, fantastic, glammed /dolled up world. Not saying life revolves around materialistic stuff only or only beauty, but who said we can’t slay goals, & life & hearts & ego’s while looking on point? (; Β  but BACK TO MY POINT …liquid lippies!



While Kat von D, and Anastasia Beverley Hills, & now kylie jenner’s line are all gorgeous matte delicacies we all wish to get our hands on..our wallets can’t always pull through, so here is were I along with hundreds of thousands of others drool and go crazy over colour pops ultra matte lip colors, YAY for more affordable and good quality lippie’s. some of my fellow lipstick/beauty junkies already knew and were ahead of the rest of us in this, but below i posted pics i found searching for dupes of some of my fave Anastasia Beverley Hills colours ((: Β  Then Fave Colour pop Ultra Matte Lippies.



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    1. Awhh !!! πŸ™‚ thank you so much for the support love !! you cant imagine how your comment made me smile, & of course we can support one another , i just saw your blog, my heart and attention have both been stolen, its amazing swear!!!!!


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