🎆 New Year-Farewell2015

❤️‍ something short I wanted to share with all you lovely people.

To all of you who may be reading this, I wanted to share a little bit with you on my reflections, thoughts, excitements, and not gonna’ lie but…slight anxieties on this approaching new year to come ( about an hour & 24 minutes’s time for us in Ontario/Canada ), as well as the lovely but possibly challenging year that HAS already passed 2015.
I want to start of by saying..I AM a person of faith (this first sentence or two may not be for those who don’t like religion brought up), so I want to say how grateful I am to God at this moment for having been blessed enough to experience 2015 and all the years that came before it. Despite the times i wanted to give up, couldn’t see better days, faced difficulties i thought were too hard to bare, I still believe i am and should be grateful for experiencing, entering, and hopefully making it out of 2015 in peace. This year despite many people out there’s situation, like those who died, faced wars, poverty, loss, homelessness,abuse etc some of us got through it with health, all of our loved ones by our side family, friends & spouses etc as well as 365 days of new chances to be alive, change, and grow (: And so as our prayers go out to those who have passed away, gotten sick, or faced some kind of hardship…I want to remind all of us who are still alive and here, regardless of our condition, to smile, celebrate, and be grateful for still being here, for still having a chance to grow, be around loved ones, make a difference, or contribute in one way or another.
As we move into this year i hope that we can be people of Faith , gratitude, self-discipline, and most importantly , people who are reflective of their accomplishments, contributions, purpose , and have goals/specific plans for their future (: (: And with that i sayyyyyyyy….
Thank god we got through another year…BUT
Thank god we can proceed to a new one too !! haha.
Cheers & warmest wishes for everyone

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