Favourite Fall Shows#1:

  1. Cartoons: Over The Garden Wall
  2.  Tv Series: American Horror story
  3.  Movies: Harry potter, Halloween, Scream, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Caroline, + MORE !!

— Let me know your favourite autumn movies, tv series, or activities below and any suggestions of what to watch in this lovely season c: —

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New Favourites x Chic Journal ✨

New Projects + Updates

Happy to share that i’m currently working on some exciting new projects, but everything takes time. And proper planning, with attention to detail is crucial to me.new proj
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I’d like to put out that although i am blessed, greatful for all my blessings in life i haven’t been feeling well the last few months and any absence i may have (hopefully none) from my blog will be mainly because of that. Finally on to some lighter news, below is my newest polyvore creation.  An inspiration/wishlist for myself & others c:  ||


My polyvore: http://pintsizedglamfinatic.polyvore.com/