Favourite Fall Shows#1:

  1. Cartoons: Over The Garden Wall
  2.  Tv Series: American Horror story
  3.  Movies: Harry potter, Halloween, Scream, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Caroline, + MORE !!

— Let me know your favourite autumn movies, tv series, or activities below and any suggestions of what to watch in this lovely season c: —

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Current Favourites

september books


MY #1: She means business

Speaks directly to the reader encouraging and inspiring them to persue their dreams, goals, into reality.  The author also gives stories of different female entrepreneurs who come from different backgrounds in education, as well as what parts of the world they live in, and how all these amazing, creative women paved their own path to success. lastly she gives what she calls “she takes action”, which are sections in the book similar to a mini questionaire for yourself to make you reflect, apply what you’ve just read.


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